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 I’m huge Disney World fan. I’ve been going for the past 10 years at least a dozen times a year. It’s a monthly road trip for us. In all of my visits I’ve learned a few things along the way including the fact that you can get free stuff at Disney. Here are a few things I have found that are FREE at Disney.
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12 Things You Can Get Free at Disney World

1. Stickers ~ I love that cast members give out stickers to everyone adults included. I think I get more excited about this then most kids.
2. Buttons ~  You can get a button that tells people why you are there from celebrating your birthday to first visit. You can pick these up at any guest relations, hotel or even now Disney has a large bin inside the magic kingdom where you can grab your own.
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3. Disney Photopass ~ Photopass is free to use. You can get any of the professional Disney photographer to take your picture in hundreds of gorgeous settings. All the pictures are high quality and professionally done. Then you can go online and choose the ones you want to purchase.
4. Free Samples at Main Street confectionery ~ Not only does this place smell amazing but you can actually get free samples here. Treats like fudge or caramel apple pieces, also during the day you can watch cast members creating wonderful treats like cotton candy or candy covered apples.
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5. water ~ we all know it’s important to stay hydrated especially here in Florida.  Disney believes this to so you can get a cold cup of water at any counter serve place. this means there is no reason why you should become dehydrated.
6. Games ~ There are several games available to play throughout parks at no extra charge. Epcot offers the Agent P game where you join in with Perry, Phineas and Ferb to shut down Doofenshmirtz’s evil plan. When entering Magic Kingdom each day you can pick up a new set of playing cards at the Firehouse and use them to fight virtual villains around the park. The cards are free, one set per day.  In Adventureland you can join up with the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow using a series of maps to gain control of the seven seas.
7. Ghirardelli chocolate ~ At Downtown Disney you can receive a free piece of chocolate here or you can treat yourself to one of their many delicious chocolate desserts or drinks.
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8. Kidcot ~ these are fun spots located throughout the world showcase where kids can color a Duffy bear attached to a stick. They also double as a fan.
9. Club Cool in Future World ~ Here you can sample cups of soda from around the world. It’s a fun way to sample drinks from others countries.
10. Transportation ~ Disney transportation is complimentary and includes quite an array of types of transportation: Bus, Ferry Boat, Small Boat Transfers, and Monorail. You don’t have to have a ticket to enjoy the monorail plus it gives you a fun way to get a quick peek at what to expect. Also take advantage of the bus system again no ticket require to visit the different resorts. We love exploring the resort t see where we want to stay on our next visit.
11. Goody Candy Company ~ Here you can sample a Goofy Glacier an icee type drink that comes in several fun flavors. Also you will find a large array of pre packaged candy for sale as well as you can create your own fabulous creation.
12. Animation Academy ~ In Hollywood Studios you can take a 20 minute art class. They take you step by step and teach you to draw a Disney character. When done you get to keep your work of art plus you have had a free art class.
So there you have it a list of a few of the free things you can do or get at Disney World. I for one am always up for anything free and if it comes from Disney all the better.
Let’s Talk: Was there something here you didn’t know was free? Maybe you have tip on something free at Disney?

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