Friday Confessional 2-14-14

I confess:

  • I was nominated for a blog award (The Courageous Commentator) over at My So Called Chaos 
  • I am excited
  • I am not above bribery to get votes 
  • I will offer Alcohol, Dessert, Sex (ok not that I’m a mom i’m to tired to even think about it mush less offer),and CHOCOLATE
  •  I have nothing to offer but I’m good at begging so PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!  go HERE and vote for me
  • I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentines’s day 

My So-Called Chaos Best of Blog Awards

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Rebecca is a boy mom, traveler, Disney addict, chocolate lover, and tea drinker. She lives in Florida and enjoys good food, good music, and a great book. Her goal in life is to live in the moment and to always be open to new things.


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