Ex Abundantia Cordis by Patrick Sharpe

Ex Abundantia Cordis by Patrick Sharpe is a beautiful collection of poems.
Book description:
About half the poems relate to the poet’s insights and reactions to his religious experience, several having been written while on retreat, others Following a pilgrimage to Israel, one is his meditation on a painting of “The Annunciation”. The others have grown out of his love for nature – the sky – sunset – the sea – the seasons, his reactions to ordinary things and the events of life.

I have to say this book review is one of my favorites as the book is written by a friend. I met Patrick online about a year or so ago and have been blessed to know him so when I heard he had written a poetry book I couldn’t help but have a copy. As such he was kind enough to mail me a signed copy which tickled me thoroughly. I couldn’t wait to delve into this book.
I was mesmerized by his talent to write these beautiful poems that brought to life such things as sunsets and nature. He also wrote beautiful poems about things like the crucifixion of God and other religious based subject. I am so honored he blessed me with this book and I highly recommend you go get a copy.
To my friend Patrick thank you so much for being a friend and a blessing to me and thank you for sharing your talent with me. I adore you and all you do. XOXO 

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