Drugs Make You Un-Smarter

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When Jill Ammon Vanderwood offered to help her granddaughter Savanna Peterson write a book she thought it would be simple picture book containing simple illustrations or photos. what she got was  a poignant story of a teen’s struggle with family drug abuse and an inspiring story that shows you don’t have to follow is your families footsteps.
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  • I would say that because this book is written by a fifteen year old that it is more suitable to YA but in reality upon reading it I found myself very much enthralled and can say this book would appeal to anyone. The basis of the book is a look at family drug abuse from the point of view of Savanna a teenager who not only has manage to survive her family but has shown amazing wisdom is her life choices.
    In this book we hear her speak of having to loan money to her father and gifts going missing all from a child’s perspective. Written with a sort of innocence and brought together by her grandmother’s  help this book is both heartbreaking and inspiring. I would say two thumbs up a must read for everyone whether you’ve been effected by drug abuse or not.
    As a bonus the authors Savanna and Jill are offering one lucky reader a chance to win a copy of this amazing book so please go to the raffle copter and enter.

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    1. Sounds like an awesome book! Possibly something that should be required reading in classrooms. Great review!

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