Lucky: A Memior

I recently won a copy of the book Lucky written by Alice Sebold from Beth @Living a Goddess Life and let  just say this book was worth the read. I had not heard of Alice Sebold before even though she is the author of the bestselling book The Lovely Bones. I know how could I not know about her well truth is I didn’t but boy was I excited to get a new book to read.

Upon reading the cover I was struck with the fact this was a true story based n a tragic event in the author’s life.Raped as a freshman in college this book accounts her trauma and life following the rape. Though people said she was lucky her life was forever changed. Nothing in this book is candy coated or romanticize it is a brutally honest detailed account of her tragic night and what followed. You will not only feel her pain but you will feel her triumph as she puts her life back together slowly. I came away feeling inspired by her bravery and her willingness to share her story.

Overall I found the book to be heartbreaking as well as inspiring. I truly feel this is one of those books that one should read if not for the fact it is a well written book then for the reason that it shows even in one’s darkest moment one can survive and find light again. 

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  1. I think I might go find this one for my Kindle….I am looking for a good mix of books for my trip next week! Thanks for the recommendation!

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