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This weeks books come the writing pair of Michael and Patrick mcMenamin a father and son writing duo. The have worked together on the Winston Churchill thrillers. A series of books taking place in the 1920’s to 1930’s era. You can find more HERE


In the book The Parsifal Pursuit which is the second installment of this Winston Churchill series we join photo journalist, Mattie McGary and her boyfriend, a law professor (and former CIA agent), Bourke Cochrane Jr. they are on a mission for Winston and are in search of a spear said to have pierced Christ heart on the cross. as they search for this stolen spear there are others also in search for it which leads to quite an adventure. I have to say when I first picked up this book I wasn’t sure about it as I’m not very good with history but once I got into it I found it enjoyable and very captivating. I would definitely recommend this one.




In the book The Gemini Agenda the third installment in the Winston Churchill series we once again join photo journalist, Mattie McGary and her boyfriend, a law professor (and former CIA agent), Bourke Cochrane Jr. This time we on a quest to investigate murders. In what is an experimental project being done by Germany on twins to create a master race? When twins go missing and 10 bodies are found murder in a horrific way Mattie and Bourke go investigate at Winston’s request. Again this book was very well written and set in Pre-world war II time. I found the book to be just as enjoyable as the first and it has me now wanting to read the first installment to get more details on these characters. All in all a great read.


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  1. Good reviews of those two books here. I logged in and entered the raffle through facebook, which I was asked to do, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I think I would enjoy these books.

  2. Sorry to hear you had no entries for one of your recent giveaways Rebecca. I really hate to enter these things because I'd hate to take away from somebody more deserving, best of luck to everyone who enters this though because these books sound great!

  3. Well I'm a bit more selfish than Yeamie. I was… not available last week but I for sure am entering this one!! *crosses fingers*!!

    Huggs & Happy Easter Honey!!


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