As you all know I do not claim to know much and I’m definitely no expert in music but I do know what I like listening to and I love when I come across bands that I’ve not heard before.Recently while lurking on Twitter I came across a band called Evolove now I had heard their name before but never really stopped to listen to them which now I regret because I finally went and took a listen yesterday and fell in love with their music. I love that they are kind of edgy but not to hardcore rock and their lead singer Lucy has such a unique sound to her vocals I was really impressed with them that I immediately went and downloaded their first album. I now have it on replay in my ipod.

If you love music like I do and you haven’t heard this band yet I encourage you to go take a listen. here are a few places you can find them if you want to know more.




Evolove website

Plus if you are one of those amazing people who like me think music is the soundtrack to your life and you like to help new artist or even support those you already like then please go checkout Evolove kickstart page and help them reach their goal.

Evolove Kickstart

and as an added bonus here is a video for you to enjoy.


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  1. Checked out the web site and watched the video… good stuff! Don't know about anyone else, but I hear an 80s rocker vibe in their tunes. Again, good stuff. Thanks for posting it!

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